Linn Vennerholm

This page is inactive. You can find me at or Favourite books HOMESTUCK, Artemis Fowl (plus Airman and Halfmoon investigations and other books by the fantastic Eoin Colfer), (Alex Rider, sci-fi maybe??please), Septimus Heap, Harry Potter, Bartimaeus trilogy (very funny), Percy Jackson (hm, it has been a while since I read them, maybe it's time?), Wolf Brother, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Univers (all five); I, Robot; Stravaganza, Ranger's apprentice, Eragon, series by Carole Wilkinson, and-how-could-I-forget Philip Pullman, Meg Cabot, Lene Kaaberbol (soo good) and Margit Sandemo (Sagan om Isfoket), books by Hans Nordström, Maud Mangold (the whole series), Cornelia Funke and Dan Brown; Noomi Hebert, Lena Ollmark and Åsa Ekström (Stall Norrsken); the three first books by Lian Hearn. Oh my.