As an artist, I have trouble creating something specific which I desire. I must summon it up like a demon from the inferno. It takes hold of me and creates itself on the paper or computer. This is inspiration. Don't fight it. You will find madness before you in your creation, but do not fear, for it is You, and you will find yourself within it. My philosophy is that there really are no bad artists out there, since most of all we do it for ourselves. Everyone has a different style and focus, and we should find inspiration, not discouragement, around us. Give me lots of constructive criticism, be mean to me! and tell me what you like about my work. And I desperatly want my stories to be read. Go read them. Now.In honor of those who have linked to me, for there are far too many here that I admire, but I certainly wouldn't link if I didn't recommend visiting them!Jason Ellis--I always have had a weakness for guys named Jason! San,-- no more words can describe her.Updated 3/15/4 Also, I am setting up a cafepress store, so let me know which pieces you would like to see as prints to buy!