As sweet as Honey

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Lisa Eakin

She's one of my uhm... new racey people (can't believe I haven't thought up a name yet :P). She's half one of them and half elf or human and if you didn't guess by now, her name is Honey.. heh The bluish dots on her face signify that whatever her other half is, it's from a royal blood line. Thousands of years earlier, war was a constant in the lands and royal blood was being wiped out. So to help make sure that royal blood was always on the throne, they all were enchanted so them and their offspring would have these distinguishing marks on both sides of their noses. Each different kingdom was assigned a different color, that way everyone would know who should rule where. If 2 different kingdoms came together to have a child, the color of their offsprings markings would be either slightly darker or lighter than one or the other parent. It is also encouraged that the royal men go out into their villages when they are growing and before they are to wed and spread their seed to make sure that their blood would always be evident in case something were to happen. These markings were also a way to help prevent incest from occuring. The markings rank the commoners who have them as 1st class citizens. Although they are still just commoners, no one would dare treat them badly in case they were to end up ruling over them.   And yadda yadda yadda heh... enough of that! I'll keep this short... this picture took me FOR-E-VER!!!! I was thinking when I started it. "Oh this is gonna be nice and quick" PFFFFTTTT Oh Hell no it wasn't!! The hair took forever, her skin took forever... EVERYTHING took forever! *takes a deep breath* Anyways.... I got the idea for the little dots/markings from my cat Stewie. He has these little black dots on both sides of his nose and I just thought it was the cutest thing so decided to use it :) As for this char, I've been planning her out for a very long time, but just never got around to finishing a picture of her.. well until now that is :) Blah blah blah.... yeah that's all I'm saying heh... Oh yeah.. almost forgot.. the background is just some pics I took of the flowers in my front yard heh. They're so pretty! I love the yellow ones.   (Pencil, Colored with Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0)

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