Lisa Hart

Orion has arrived! Born September 16th 2003. Mommy (that would be me! :D ) is tired, and wow is it hard to do any artwork while nursing and changing diapers! :D I've been drawing since I was quite little, (okay, your normal child scribbles then, but I've never had a 'lapse' when I didn't draw). I first got interested in Fantasy when I was in third grade and picked up a Xanth book. Since then I've joined in several Dungeon and Dragon games (I also DM my own game with my friends, which is on a serious hold now that I've got a little one), read about a billion fantasy books (all of the Xanth books, the From here to Eternity series also by Piers Anthony most of the Dragonriders of Pern series, just to name a few). I am also a writer and poet, but most of those works don't fit into the 'Fantasy' theme, but I do have them on my web page, which you could please come visit! Thank you for taking the time to look at my work here. Some of it is very good (I think), some of it needs some serious work. I'm trying! Feel free to take a look at my own webpage, it has more art on it (some non fantasy as well), poetry, and just general junk about me.. Thanks! I welcome comments, but if you could please be civil, and precise about what it is that you are speaking about, it would help me greatly. I'm looking for comments that help me improve my artwork, not comments that are hurtful. Thanks!