Lisa Parnell

Hey! Lisa aka Blue Elf here. Here is where you can see some of my attemps at art. I've always liked to draw, but I've never really shown them to anyone other than my family and a couple friends. (and your family never gives accurate feedback) I love fantasy creatures, especially elves! ^_^ (Yay, Legolas!!) I know, I'm weird. ^_^ I draw a lot in the anime style. That style just appeals to me for some reason. I'm debating taking art in college this fall. IT would really help me improve. It's really hard choosing a major though. I want to do art, but I need something to fall back on as well. Anyway, enjoy the products of my warped imagination, and be sure to review. Constructive criticism is highly appreciated! ^_^ (I know, waaaay too many smiley faces, but oh well. I AM THE SMILEY QUEEN!! Mwa ha ha ha.....) Ok, I'm done now. On to my chicken scratchings!!