Wow, I really need to update this. I'm a graphic designer and an art monkey. I've been on Elfwood for a Really Long Time now, and you can even say that Elfwood is responsible for me meeting my current boyfriend, since he saw the picture of me on the artist's picture page ages ago. (We've known each other for about six years and have been dating for three.) I live in San Francisco. Before that I lived in Raleigh, NC; San Diego, CA; Calgary, AB, Canada; and Utah. (Doesn't that sound exotic? I lived in Utah. Okay, maybe not.) Advice for artists and artists-in-embryo: Draw, draw, draw, practise, practise, practise. A figure drawing course never hurt anybody, and in many cases it helps even the most advanced of artists. Don't let yourself get in a rut or burned out--enjoy yourself. The burn/dodge tool is not a good substitute for laying in actual colour. Save often. Drink 8 oz of mango juice daily. Get out of the house occasionally and take a walk: mens sana in corpore sano, or 'a sound mind in a healthy body'.