Maeve McGrory

Name: Maeve McGrory Age: 17Height: shortishly-tallWeight: Can't rememberReasons as to why I draw: I draw because it is like a sweet release from the world around me.Things I like to do: I like to read...Mostly books of course..Books of the non-realistic types, doesn't matter if its sci-fi or fantasy I'll read it. I like to draw as you can see here, I like to rp (Go D&D!), and I like to spend time with my friends Updates:December: Alright so here, I've updated some and I hope they're all to your liking. If not well then poop I guess you'll have to look somewhere else. Elfwoody people I know personally: Samantha‘Blackmoor’Greenall Kerry Stolp Elfwoody people I don't know personally but I think are cool (they're mostly writers) Sandra Leigh Wagner:She's a great writer you should read her Midnight and Amber because her Love in Ruins is being published.... I hope it comes into book form soon *Crosses her fingers*Suann Robinson:Her Eleven Elders is really good... although we're still waiting for more chapters, Please read and comment on her loverly page.Sarah Hogan: Her Children of the Storm and Lady of the two Lands are very good... Must read and comment on her page!Becca Lusher:Clouds and Fw are good must reads even though the first part of clouds be gone...Alice 'Muffin Girl' Smith: *Sighs* Must read the Circle of Ice and Fire. Very funny. I still need to know what happens with Mather... Go comment!Bethany 'Fork Master' Lewis: Yes...Much in the area of good stories...Moo