If you haven't noticed yet by the big orange letters, my name is Rosalie Meli Tam. My nickie name is Suiren now. My birth date is October 29, 1987. So I am 16 yrs old. I'm in the 10th grade. Anyway. I live in the eastern coast of the United States(not gonna tell you exactly where though :P ) I have been drawing anime/manga type pictures since I was in 2nd grade, when my older sister introduced me to Sailor Moon. So it took me nearly 8 years to progess into the crummy pics I draw now.. I MOSTLY do pencil drawings, and if I color, I use color pencils. Okay anyway! I hope y'all like my drawings, and I'll try to update as much as I can! Favorites: Color: Blue-duh! Food: I don't have one.. Music: alternative rock, techno, Jpop/rock, Kpop..anything that is loud.. Anime artist: Clamp- they are so cool! Anime/Manga: hmm.. can't name them all, check my LJ user info for a brief list.. Here are some people everyone should check out: Judith Mayr - A really awesome artist who draws from faeries to dragons to phoenix! Check her out!! Angela 'Sakura' Cummings - This is my lil sis in pink! More unique than me, truely one of a kind girl. She uses Photoshop to enhance her pics. Yuki Yoshida - No words can express how wonderful and how talented Yuki is. Just hope she doesn't mind me adding a link to her gallery in my bio ^-^ b Robert H. Thompson - He is a freakin god!!! Details, shading, creativity all here in his gallery! Whats even better is that he does all his art in pencil!!! No many people do their art in pencil anymore! He's my god and i'll forever worship and admire him! Jessica 'Mistress of Spam' Douglas - the ultimate lady of spamming and art. I love her angels! ^-^ *grin* Update: November 10, 2004 - Yea.. small update. and I betrayed Elfwood. I turned to DeviantArt XD heh heh heh But yea.. Not as bad as you think. I just started at DeviantArt anyway. So enjoy this excruciating small update. Requests/trades: Sure.. why not? ^-^ Email me if u want to make a deal with me.