Scott Little

Ola everyone. I am a 20 year old Photography student. I'm majoring in digital photography. Thus i know my way around photoshop fairly well. I have been drawing ever since i can remember, Ive even taken several classes. But only recently have i began to explore more of an anime style. I'm an overly visual person, always watching tv (and i can admit it ;-), and drawing or fooling around with my camera. Some of my major influances are CLAMP, Floria Sigismondi, Misha Gordin, Julie Dillon, Jerry Uelsman, and oh so many more. Some of my favorite themes in pictures are that of Spirituality and the such. I have an *minor* obssession with angels, and fabric (which is a differant story). Me and a few friends are starting up our own lil underground art company called Episode Productions. Its mainly just for our art and comics that we make in our free time. That is all for now... have fun and please comment, i love contructive critisism. --- Update (8-20-02) Well, ive uploaded a bit of stuff, none of its really finished, mostly just wanted to get some opinions on stuff. Everythings been going crazy latly and i havnt had time to do alot of things i wanted to do. I am attempting to put together my own site, and wil link to it when it is finally up. And i do have to apologize for the quality of these uploads. My scanner is a P.O.S. and i wish i had the money to get a new one, but alas i do not. so bear with me for a while.