Jeroen Vercruysse

YO i am Jeroen Vercruysse and i felt inlove with teh most beauthifull girl/artiest/writer, she is just so magnificent in any way can be,she s sweet, she s kind ,she s funny, she s...rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr^^ love u sarah,i too am a servant of God ,a reading, curch going, Jesus loving Christian . And I am proud of that so verry verry verry proudhe loves me and I love him. Other than that. I'm just another human who desires for freedom and love... I try to care for all , i can feel compation that is prehaps one of my most greatest talents...I love all living beings from the intelligent human unthill the smallest slymiest worm...creatures of God should not suffer....But they doI cannot hate ,or hold on to grudge...I can be soooooo verry lasy. I myslef am from Belgium (thats where Brussels is) . I have an awsome familie that watches over me, and keeps me safe , can never thank them enough for that. I like to draw and paint  and I believe i'm 19 years old now (from 1988)(am I?)  Do I came from a long way. I have still a long way to go, I would be greatfull if you could give  constructive critics. thankyou so verry much:Dwell thats about me in short .And prehaps I can give you a small advise , a small guide. :) DONT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED ,NOT YOUR LIFE ,NOR YOUR FREEDOM, NOT EVEN YOUR LOVED ONES ...SO INJOY EVERY MOMENT YOU SPEND WITH !!!! Life is far to short to worry about the small things in life....don't make the mestake I made for 19 years in a row , Be happy and if you're not i'll pray you will....ok? I like God jesus life itself videogames:) peace love happiness Dragons An eternal friendship...(wich I already have:)) Favourite movies Stargate SG1,that 70 show,southpark,my name is earl,Smallville,x-men ,Spiderman series, and spiderman 1 2 3, DRAGONHEART, The last samurai, The patriot ,Lord of the rings Favourite books DEATHGATE BOOK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7, Love your enemies (don't worry there will be more) Favourite music Dragonforce Linkinpark Papa roach Skillet Good Charlote Seventh day slumber Breaking Benjamin sonic flood