Greetings,This Elfwood account was created when I was a teenager; the drawings uploaded below were the result of my doodling and desire to share my work, gain feedback, and become better.In the meantime I moved house, attended university, gained two degrees and I am getting ready for a teacher's degree at this very moment. With spare time sparse and priorities lying elsewhere the artist in me went in hibernation, only to emerge for simple graphic design or pointless pencil doodles during the duller classes. And with the absence of scanning equipment, I could not put much of my later work on display anyway; and hence I neglected my gallery for about 8 years or so. Shame on me!Although I may still find that other priorities require my time, I am determined to start anew, slowly perhaps, but ever so forcefully and with a determination to grow artistically and mature beyond the material on display at this moment.I might occasionally add paper drawings whenever I can get my hands on a scanner, but more likely I will seriously start experimenting with digital art; the result of which I will definitely upload to my gallery when I get the chance. Right now I am using Photoshop CS2, an older version of the programme, yet extremely exciting for an artist who previously had to make do with an antique version of paint shop pro and a common mouse.Hopefully I can add the first finished product of my digital labours before long and make the resurrection of my own little spot in the Woods a fact.Until then, with love,L.  I like Science Fiction, fantasy art, birds, literature, visual culture, photoshop Favourite movies Earth: Final Conflict (scifi), Harry Potter (yes, Harry Potter -- fantasy)