Elizabeth Gerrow

June 4/05:: Not much writing happening in this neck of the woods lately unfortunately. I had put up a couple chapters of the most recent novel, but they disappeared in the first crash & I haven't resubmitted them yet. I need to clean it up anyway, make some changes. Haven't had much time though. I'm hoping to score some time eventually. Especially if I take a year off or so. THEN I'll have time!! Other than that, I'm still in school (when will it end?) then it's time to look for real jobs... And yes, I do know Myrlyn.. the overaged child as we all know and love. ;P He'll make his appearances once I get the novel up and going! For right NOW though, I've started a running story in a new blog. A dark fantasy by the looks of it. ;) The Books of Alycestine: Fear Unsettled . Still working on a library of works but this is a new experiment... Feel free to leave comments!!! (if it turns out fantasy enough, maybe it'll end up here in it's entirety! :D:D:D:D:D


The Bad Memory Song II (or, 'What Were You Thinking, Man?!?!?!'

Haha...this is the Medieval version of the original which I wrote while waiting for the internet to sort itself out...I was inspired while listening to Robbie Williams' 'Millemnium'.

Snow White (Rarities)

Just read it! based on the word 'white'

Tokyo Girl 1

The first part of a new story I'm writing...it's sort of something for all of my Anime-loving friends!

Nothing Is Sacred

Thinking of a battle at the time.. old, ancient..

Almost Heroine

In our English class of grade 9, we had to write *journals* where the teacher would give us a sentence and we'd have to add to it- but you could chose to share your thoughts or you could write a poem/story...Most of the time, I chose to write a story. This is one of them- one of my faves actually. It's supposed to be in the Middle ages...but there's modern English in it.


Wrote this in a few hours, while I was waiting to go for a math exam. I was listening to the Cranberries and decided to try typing a story. This is what came out of it. ^_^ I don't know WHERE this came from. This is the 'cleaned' version. There's a few lines missing...

Lady of Light

After starting a new story & then talking to a Past Seer friend of mine, I put the two together and came up with this poem. :)

Return to the World

A poem about someone's reincarnation and seeing to what they once did. I have a friend in mind when writing this, who was a fighter long ago.

Risen Angel - Catalysts Fortitude

Another mission for another black-winged angel... this time, trying to save a man, dead inside, before the demons claim him... or claim HER.

Bedtime Story

Yet another one of the *journals*! The ending is one of those twists that I usually put to my stories..Why keep them all straight forward, right?

Sisters Left Rescue Sisters Right

Lately I've become obsessed with Druids & am working on a History project of Druids. The idea came to me after hearing a lot about the attack made on Anglesey/Mona


The first poem that I'm actually very much pleased with, as I don't write much poetry! I read this to my class last year...I lost most of them on the words, but my teacher loved it at least. The poem is about having the 'second site'..it's something I've inherited and I felt like talking about it.

Fortuna de la Luna

A poem I wrote for an English project on King Henry VIII. . . There was a mention of a fortune teller found at a banquet, who was kicked out. I wrote the poem from her view, trying to convince others that she's NOT evil.

Risen Angel - Go Silently

Black-winged angels are the best damage-controllers.. unfortunately, sometimes they do die when something goes wrong. In this, one angel is in charge of a small boy who meets the worst of fates....

Beauty Walking (Existence Proves More Than Reality)

For what we can't seem to beleive in...


A christmas story for everyone! :o) It involves some people I know & their likes & stuff. Happy reading * Merry Christmas!

Thrill of the Chase

I think, from what I recall, this was the first story I submitted to my English teacher...Again, it's one of those stories that's set in the Middle ages, but has modern day to it.

The Unicorn's Plight

Written for my WC class abotu a unicorn... I was listening to *The Last Unicorn* music at the time.