Elizabeth Wyatt

Salve, travelers! This would be the part of the page you would go to if you want to learn more about the person in question. Why you would want to do so, I don’t know… I bore myself quite easily, and I can’t imagine how you would take my random babblings. However, if you’re determined to go through this collection of random facts, don’t say I didn’t warn you.I write, read, and draw too much for my own good, and I seem to be unable to stop depicting characters, so that's mostly what you'll find here. My nicknames are Beth and Eliza-- pick whichever you wish to use. I'm nineteen years old and currently working on a degree in multimedia. My artwork really has never been that great, and I've never taken great deals of time to devote to the subject. My stories are much better, so if you really want to see something worth taking a look at... well, I'll let you know once I upload something. Most of my work is done in photoshop-- I find it much more simple than painting, and I often lament the fact that there is no 'undo' button in real life. I'm inspired by Shakespeare, some well-done movies (Snatch!, The Matrix, Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek), songs with interesting lyrics (Evanescence! Evanescence!), real life, and (of course) books. My favorite authors include Patricia C. Wrede, C. S. Lewis, Lois Bujold, Bill Waterson, Mark Oakley, and Shakespeare (of course). There are dozens of other names I should probably be including in this list, but I'm being lazy at the moment. If you're still reading this, by the way, you really need a life. I'm not that interesting. Current Hobby: Hehe... Zelda... Current Themesong: Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness