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I took a tour here somewhere on 'Sluagh'- some beings from Irish mythology that I had never heard of.  (I think the tour had to do more with their prescence in a game or RPG I've never heard of either, not their mythological significance, but whatever.  It was a good tour.)So I looked them up online.  They're supposed to be the souls of dead sinners who try and capture other souls.  I came up with a different interpretation, and turned them into sidhe type creatures who dwell in marshes, or someplace equally foggy. The colors aren't quite right, because my scanner is stupid.  >.Watercolors, salt, black ink, white ink, white acrylic on watercolor paper.Oh, and those glowy orb things are will-o-the-wisps.  Don't ask me what the other thingies are- mosquitos on steriods maybe?  ;) Mod's Choice?  O.O  Wow!  Thank you so much! 8DI'm selling prints here:

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