_<' Oh, and I do use flesh colors.. my scanner just doesn't pick them up. Argh.. 3/1/01- She's aliiiiiiiive! Goodness, it's been a while since I last updated! Gomen, minna-san! I'll post some of my new piccies, and others when I finally get around to coloring them! Bah! 1/17/03- Geez, it's been far too long since I was able to update! I *finally* got a new scanner (my very own scanner for my very own computer! Whoo!), so I can post new stuff! Yay! Sorry it took so long... 2/24/04 - I've deleted a bunch of old, icky stuff and have uploaded a few new ones. I'll post more when I re-draw some of the new stuff I have to my satisfaction... Heh, be patient with me, ok?