Well I havent been here for a few months, caught up in school, friends and my boyfriend, and basically everything else in life. I hope everyone had a happy holiday and a great new year! I cant wait to upload some new art and maybe a new story or two! Im  just a kid, and at 14 there is still so much to learn. I know my art is not the best, and I still have a lot to accomplish, but I hope you will appreciate my hard work non-the-less :)  So please sit down, relax, and enjoy the show..ahem...I mean my gallery. Take a cookie...or if you prefer...take a piece of brocoli. If you are not interested in my art or writings and you just want to say HI be my guest! Every weekend free hugs are given out by me so feel free to sneak up behind me and take one! Comments are highly reccomended here. So if your bored, have no friends, or are locked in your mothers basement, leave a comment about how horrible things are for you, and I will surely reply with a heartwarming response! You can even post links to songs, your gallery, or anything you want here! Since I have no life, and my only friends are me,myself, and I and my computer mouse I love to talk to people. Add me as a friend and we can chit-chat as long as you like. Just remember: no bad language!!!, no dirty talking!!! There are children here(including me) so if such language and profanity is used I will reprt you right the most foul beast I MOM! ENJOY!!!  PS:Here is my deviant art account if you want to check out some stories and drawings that are not shown here-  I like I love to dance randomly even when no music is playing Favourite movies haha what a silly question to ask....TWILIGHT AND THE ENTIRE HARRY POTTER MOVIES! Favourite books Twilight, Harry Potter...and a bunch of others that dont really matter anymore :) Favourite music Taylor Swift, Parashute, Boys like girls, plain white t's, owl city...and about a bajillion others (: