I have a very imaginative mind. Always thinking up something.... Odd... My creatures try to be as unique as posable. Try to be original. I love writing, and painting. But I rather post the visual instead of the mental art. I've been practicing my art with pencil, and as soon as I get my hands on a scanner, I will be scanning the pics. Your more likely to see my colored art, instead of the pencil art. But I will try to put some of that up too! With colored, I mean by computer :) I hardly touch any of my art with color on paper. I tend to ruin it *blush* -------------- 8-15-03 I had a series of rude comments on my front page... all very similar... normally I keep these comments no matter how rude they are but I think they where made by my ex-boyfriend so I had removed them all. My NeoPets Fan Art on Elfwood!: Lisa Ferreira My Friend(s) on Elfwood!: Harold W. Frazier Zhe Zheng