Lisa Ferreira

I just want to say that I LOVE NeoPets. I just recently got into drawing them. I find them so much fun! I can't do lupes for the life of me though LOL But Im great at Chomby's and Tonu's (I HAVE 2!. I hardly touch any of my art with color on paper. I tend to ruin it *blush* But I have learned that if you make the image look REALLY nice on the comp, then print it.. you can mess it up all you want! Just keep printing out more! OR have several testing pages, and when you find a technique (can't spell either) that you like, perfect it, then do oit on another paper that you want to keep nice and neat :) It works wonderfully. Did that with my faerie Chomby picture. My other Elfwood Gallery!: Lisa K. Ferreira (18+ only please) My Friends on Elfwood!: Harold W. Frazier Zhe Zheng