I spend a lot of my time drawing and writing, they are both my strong points. Since I was very small, I had wanted to be an astronomer, because astronomy greatly interested me. Not long ago I changed my goals, and decided to stick to being an amateur astronomer, once I figured out that I had no particular interest in math and science, and I realized that I wanted to be a writer, and maybe even consider acting. I had been writing stories and the beginnings of books, but I had never really considered that to be my main interest. Recently however, I cannot survive without writing at least something every day. I'm the type who writes essays in her free time in computers class, and who takes a great joy in assignments having to do with writing or summarizing. My mother and father are both linguists, therefore I have inherited it and am greatly interested in languages, so I am learning several at the same time, and am bilingual (American English is one language I speak, and the other is Hungarian).I have also been considered to have a talent for acting, and I enjoy putting on dramatic faces and playing out short scenes. My art started as a hobby: when I was little, that was what I did, I drew. I practiced and practiced, as I got older I mastered perspective and proportion merely because I was still unsatisfied with my art, and only very recently have I started to like my own work, once I mastered shading as well; I believe I have reached a basic level, which I am content with. I never stop practicing though, indeed I can't! I also make paintings with watercolor, most of them very strange pictures. Everything comes from sudden inspiration, it is rare that I 'plan' to draw, paint, or write something. Usually my vivid imagination produces very interesting pictures, descriptions, and I only need to polish the raw ideas. My inspirations usually depend on what I am listening to, or seeing. Music is one of my obsessions, and I listen to one album, or a selection of songs over and over, and that usually inspires me. The beautiful landscapes, sunsets, and sunrises of Kesztölc, and my garden inspire me to write my poetry. My books and stories are inspired sometimes by music, but most of the time for no reason at all; writing just comes naturally to me. My drawings are usually inspired by my mood, what form my imagination twists the first line into, rarely music, if I'm listening to an audio tape then that sometimes can inspire me too, beautiful cloud formations, sudden ideas.