New favourite quote!: "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."- Thomas Jefferson Hello there!  Welcome to the gallery of a slightly sane Canadian artist! I've been on this site for a few years now, and I think that I have improved. I can't say for myself; sometimes it seems like I do amazing, marvellous works, and other times I feel like my brain and hands have been taken over by a two-year-old. Wheeee. What? You're still here? Oh, okay. the Should-Be-Known-By-Nows: I like drawing. I am a girl. What I wear most is a white coat that has a very annoying habit of tying my arms behind my back... the Not-So-Knowns: I am a Christian. I am tall. I am left-handed. I like writing, too, and some stories are up on Elfwood, but I am extremely slow at uploading, until one day my writing muse goes on hyper overload. the I-likes: Pickles, music (pretty much all music, except the "rock" where the "singer" is screaming his lungs out like a dying monkey), art, books, reading books, horses, riding horses, animals in general, tea, food in general, sleeping, movies (specifically...well, no, that list is too long. I like much movies.), and many other things, including digging holes in the backyard where I hide the evidence plant flowers! the I-don't-likes: people who say they're Christians and they're not, people who are two-faced, wheat, canned fish, certain movies, certain books/authors, Picasso, early mornings, ice on the windshield, cold toes. One more thing:  I like comments. When someone with a site here comments on my site, I will reply on theirs. If I forget, kick me! That can be a virtual kick, or a real physical one. You'd just have to track me down, and wear steel-toed boots. That way, it'd get my attention. One more one more thing: Yay for updates!