Lindsey Butler

Hello and welcome to my library, my name is Lindsey, I am an aspiring writer who works a couple of day jobs at the moment. I'm back at Elfwood after some time away. Initially the plan was to wait until life settled down before I started writing again but I have come to realize that life never settles down! I hope you will take time to read what I have posted here and to tell me what you think. I am happy to return the favor as time constraints allow. I am in no way a professional writer and there is lots of room for improvement so feel free to point out things that could use work. Thanks for visiting! Favourite music TV on the Radio, Flobots, Muse, M.I.A., Feist, The Hold Steady, Foxes!, Regina Spektor, Vampire Weekend, Devotchka, Spoon, I live in the live music capital of the world, I like most everything that's any good.


A look into my world of witches. Told as answers to interview questions.

The Proposal

The title says it all really.


This is meant to take place sometime in the mid to late 30's in London. It's the last of my modern short stories. This one involved a vampire named Ash (Mr. Ashleigh is his psuedonym here). I wasn't going to write any back story for Ash but I recently watched a couple of movies with settings during this time period and it inspired me.