james casey

was born in pennsylvainia,moved to california,where i lived in the high desert for years than moved to las vegas,now im just working untill its time to retire,than back to pennsylvainia.im an artist been drawing for 37 years and never get tired of drawing .never made money off of any of it as all my friends and family whant free samples but thats ok im not greedy but i am tired of people saying i should go to art school ,i could be so rich with my art ... yah thats all thats keeping me broke all the time art school. I like drawing reading writing and whatching any thing im way laid back ,though i do complain about things like an old man. Favourite movies all the new superhero movies ,lotr trilogy,the explorers,almost any scifi or legendary movie or tv show. Favourite books any dragonlance books,any steven kng,any myth or legend ,a few modern style stories like mack boland the executioner,as long as it has a taste of fantasy on it. Favourite music anything though i hate dancing so dont ask