Chet Minton

I am a freellance Artist, Illustrator and designer. I have a small studio called Long Hare Studios. . I also am a professional commerical Lithographer.  I like Drawing and inking. Watercolor and Acrylics. Lithography. Landscape / Waterscape Design. Digital Art (Adobe Creative Suites Mainly). Fantasy/Science Fiction/Comic Book/Adventure Movies and Books. Favourite movies LOTR Series, Star Wars Series (Originals are the BEST!), Hellboy Movies, Indiana Jones Series, Pan's Labyrinth, Avatar, Ninja Scroll, Beowulf, I can go on and on.... Favourite books Love Forgotten Realms (D&D), Sword of Shannara Series, Wizard For Hire Series Favourite music Everything except Rap....just can't relate. New Age and Cinematic Orchestra when penciling and sketching, Hard Rock into Heavy Metal when inking.