Lori Brooks

Hi everyone, welcome to my tiny part of the woods. I am a mother, and a grandmother. I live in New York, right on the Hudson River. I Have a great love for the outdoors, and nature, and the use of natural colors in my artwork. I've always had a love for the beings of fantasy, especially Faries Dragons, and Gnomes. Guess it has to do with my Irish, Swedish background. I've always liked to draw, and I do so every opportunity I get. Which isn't often enough. I'm hoping to one day get into book illustration, or possibly create greeting cards. I primarilly use mixed mediums, like acrylics, and dark pencil. I also have a love for photography, and take my digital camera with me every where I go. I especially love to photograph flowers. I also write poetry, as well as inspirational stories, in my spare time Hope you enoy my work, and please feel free to tell me what you think of it. I like Painting / nature / photography / teaching art / Animals / have a thing for FARIES & DRAGONS Favourite movies Beast Master /HIGHLANDER ( Movies & TV Series ) / Stargate SG1 Favourite books Thomas Covenent series / The Belgareth Favourite music Conntry music