Sonya Loving

This bio, as well as most of the text on this page, had to be written by Sonya's husband Beau because she routinely butchers the king's english both written and verbally. Please be patient with her if she responds to your e-mails before asking me to edit her replies, I can only control so much damage. Now, then: Sonya is a freelance illustrator and only employee of Sunnie Productions, a small and unsuccessful arts & crafts business. She made her public debut at the 1993 ConTroll Gaming Convention in Houston where over a dozen of her original works were sold at a silent auction. Within five hours, every piece had been sold outright at shamefully low prices due to her lack of confidence to put realistic appraisals on her own work. Thanks to her husband's role as her manager/agent, she now gets at least gas money or booze for her efforts(he drinks the booze).  CHECK OUT THE OTHER WORKS PAGE! Thanks to some rather picky moderators, a few nice pieces have been banished to that frequently-overlooked corner. DO IT NOW! I like Art, culinary arts, avoiding housework and little else

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