aaaaaaaaargh!!!! ;) okay. I wish I'd looked at this earlier 'cause there really is some junk here. Was I obsessed or what? Anyway..... I'm a little English goth girl with a baby girl and a lovely fiancé (who's not the evil old one. gawd.... what was I thinking?) I have waaaaaaay too many weird piercings to get a real job, so I draw instead. I want more weird piercings anyway. Also, my hair is never the same 2 months in a row and I spend far too much money on junk. Now you know everythink about me that I'm willing to admit. Dir en Grey are gods, CoF are great. Killing Miranda are too ('cause Rikky likes my pictures) and I keep nearly getting to see Paradise Lost live. Nearly. Damn. I like Lenore, GLooMCooKie, Giger, Tim Burton, Sandman.... catharsis :) UPDATE: 09 September 2003: Lenore was born on October 24 :) Only one new picture this time.... Hair update: Blue braids =^o^= (Mooooooooooogle) UPDATE: 15 February 2004: Lenore is hopefully over her retinoblastoma operation and cancer........ I merged my accounts (finally) still working on the finished pic of Catharsis and begging Neil Gaiman for a gig :) Hair update: Black and purple dreadlox down to my bum. 26 September 2004: nothing special, a few more pics. Lenore's birthday in a month.