Pål Lövendahl

My name is Pål Lövendahl, I´m 28 years old (born -77) and I am a graphic designer, I live in Malmö (Sweden). I´ve been drawing as long as I can remember and Fantasy themes has always been the no.1 thing for some reason. I use normal graphite pencils and ink (both pen & brush) as well as acrylics and any kind of mix between them. And from time to time I try oilpainting as well. I´ve played various kinds of RPGs and read MANY fantasy bookseries, this is probably what`s inspired me the most, but my favourites in art are Frank Frazetta, Ashley Wood, Simon Bisley, Brom and John Howe. From the world of comics; Mark Smylie(Artesia), Mike Mignola(Hellboy), Drew Hayes(Poison Elves), Frank Miller(Sin City) and Wendy Pini(Elfquest). Some dreams are to be able to make some money of my art and to someday be able to render the impossible in a convincing way (woo, that sounds ambitious). Oh yeah, hope you like the pics and feel free to critizise.