.::May 2012::.Much is on its way--first, I have a new homepage up!!Fire Kitsune Productions Second--I'm sketching some things out that will be posted soon! Nothing to announce since it's all in infant stages. I do have some artwork for $$ at Etsy. I make SHOCK Faerey wings and crowns....and I have 2 original 3'x4' paintings there. All my wings are wearible art, so they can double as wall decor. ^_~Etsy Shop LOVE AND PEACE   MASS THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT HERE !!!! ~L I like ALL of the Arts, History, Philosophy, Nature, Science, Indigo Work, you know, the generic responses. Favourite movies Mists of Avalon/Willow/Constantine/GINGER SNAPS TRILOGY!/Any 'beautiful' horror/ Van Helsing/ The Mummy (1&2)...etc etc...YuYuH, DBZ, Utena, Fruits Basket, GRIMM, True Blood= because vampires EXPLODE when the sun touches them. And they have sex lots. Gothic..fantasy...the weird, surreal...oh, and....PIRATES!!! Favourite books Arabian Nights The Princess Bride Arthurian Legends Shakespeare counts no matter what. Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles Brother's Grimm Traditional worldwide Legends. Ancient works...stuff that's so old no one knows anything of its origins. ^_~ Favourite music Gothic, Metal, Classical, Opera, Theater, New Age, Ethnic/World, New Wave/Punk, Hard Rock, Funk....and yes, real Country. Johnny Cash and Emmylou Harris Country. Not that crappy pop shite that they love to pimp out now.