LTS is a civil engineer who loves sports and comics of all origins (american comics, mangas or european comics). Among his favourites, X-Men, Spiderman, NextMen, Akira, Video Girl Ai, City Hunter, Chichi, Torghal, AquaBlue and XIII can be mentioned. According to him, the most talented artists are definitely M. Silvestri, J. Byrne, A. Davis or K. Ottomo but he has a special admiration for the uncompared curves of Milo Manara... He loves SciFi and HF Art Books from Vallejo, Achilleos, Burns, Hajime or Frazetta. He tries to draw with water colors but most of  the time just sketches on a piece a paper with apen or a pencil. In some cases, he's been using computer graphics (Photoshop and Fractal Painter) for coloring. More recently, he has been trying 2D animation/cartooning but it is very hard and tedious. the lack of a proper technique is obvious.