Lucifaera Valentine

I'm incredibly random, and very honest (which isn't always a good thing sometimes).I have a huge interest in Media namely Filming, and hope to join the industry one day as a director or producer.And I like weird things.  Oh and I'm obsessed with the Joker in the Dark Knight he's ace!!!!! I like I like playing games. I love the Final Fantasy seires and I love Kingdom Hearts. But I'm best at Tekken and Need For Speed Most Wanted. Favourite movies I really like Anime, I like Hayao Miyazaki's films especially Howl's Moving Castle! The Anime's I like are Death Note, Naruto, Inuyasha, Darker Than Black, Trinity Blood, Ouran High School Host Club ... let's just say I like a lot. Favourite books I LOVE the Drizzt books, I like reading fantasy books in general really I have loads!!! Favourite music I like many types of music namely rock and metal though.