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Welcome to the home of Asmara's Bane =) For those of you that have been badgering me to finally post the subsequent chapters - I just did !! hehe.. So now all thirteen chapters are ready for you criticism. Enjoy!

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 10

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 11

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 3

Seas of Change

The bgeinning of a piece of mine that I managed to salvage from my old computer before the hard drive went self-destruct. i'm working on it as we speak.. type.. read.. :P

Of Exodus and Fate

A futuristic approach to the (next ?) beginning of the universe. With each beginning, there must have been a end to the previous beginning...

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 2

As the story unfold, we meant a new character who was found that running away from home can have certain unexpected turns..

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 8

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 9

The Orphan and the Traveler

A bit of inspiration for another piece of writing..

The Green Waterfall

An ageless poem that dates back to the initial self-introduction in to the poetic expression. Although it is cosmological in nature, this poem has a lot of pesonal analogies...

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 7

The Call of the Storm-Elves

s.t.g.m ~ byron adaptation

Here's an adaptation I wrote of Lord Byron's poem 'Darkness' for my Writer's Craft class.

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 4

Asmara's Bane - Chapter 1

The first chapter of a story I'm writing. Actually, it's not the first chapter anymore. It was when I started, but not anymore. n___n

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 13

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 6

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 5

Asmara's Bane - Chap. 11


As I drudge along this miserable world I feel devoid of life... damn writer's block ! I just have to force myself to keep writing. New edit up soon! Hopefully..