Lucy Kilhullen

Life is what happens when you have other plans - right? Well, I wrote here that the kids were in school so I hoped to be able to have more free time.  I do have a little, but it has been filled with doing work for the outside world, not for doing work for me.  My digital art abilities have grown dramatically in the last year or so, and people have begun asking me how I do it - gosh does that feel good!  I am no longer the pesky fly around someone's face I have my own flies... hey wait, that sounded better in my head!  hehehehe oh well. So I am updating with the stages my digital art goes through as I try to create a piece from scratch.  The one I am showing is an illustration to my novel I wrote for nanowrimo.  Oh, and guess what... I actually found time to write enough to win!  WOOO-HOOO!  What a sense of accomplishment! I have uploaded two stages, but the third and any future stuff will be in another update.  They take more time, and as I said there is not alot of time for my own work.  Hope you like what you see.  You can see my work on quicker updates on my deviant art gallery (See over there ---->)  They allow instant updates, so my gallery were grow exponentially quicker than here - and they allow more than just fantasy and don't complain about me drawing cardboard in my pictures. Well, Christmas went over great except that my mom ended up in emergency surgery the friday before and didn't get out until late Christmas day.  Therefore the "adult" Christmas happened the day after, but the kids still got theirs on the day.  You can see pics of it on our webshots albums if you are so inclined.  We are at I just joined Bifrost!  WooHoo maybe this will help me force myself to draw through the artist block I get when stressed over the kids or life in general! I am so angry at myself and my computer because I saved a file on a jump drive and it disappeared.  It is not to be found anywhere.  SOOO now I am about 100 or so hours behind on my drawing of The Magical Light that I have posted two other staged for.  I actually have to go back to the first stage an re do the color stage because taking the JPEG's that did get saved and trying to do the image from them is going to be a disaster.  I have yanked my hair out by the roots.  Does anyone have a wig they can give me?  ARRRGGGHHHH! I want to go back to Elftown too... Maybe I will see you there! Thanks so much for your interest,Lucy Kilhullen