Clara Easter

well i decided i would tell more about myself everyone has been so supportive at elfwood it is awesome ok well i am 16 years old and im 5ft 3 1/2in i have brown eyes and golden brown hair i have been drawing for a very long time and i have been riding horses since well i cant remember i have a cabin in montana and go horsebak riding up but there isnt a place around my home city where i can go riding it really sucks o well i still love horses and i can neigh like one as well my favorite places on earth are: botswanna, montana, brazil, australia, greece, and well there are other cool places that i like ok i just had to say what my favorite places were please leave some comments and some constructive critism thanks! to my fanart gallery: my artwork here my not be very good but i love my little ponies and i just had to put some of them up here