Feyolas Miridian Lanthalas

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Christopher Luna

Three years into their marriage, the Waste all but forgotten in the bliss of his life, their villiage was raided by the armies of Thorndale. Word had come long before, but like all country villiages, the dealings of the outside world were not 'real' enough to warrant much attention. The raiders came quickly, and they took the town by surprise. Many were slaughtered; Feyolas was not so lucky.When the group of raiders burst into his home he was surprised. He immediatley leapt, up, ten years of instict, kicking in, and reached for a club. He killed two of the men before the other five could bring him down. They decided that a simple death would not be enough for him. That he must be made to suffer. They tied him up, and raped her in front of him. One, after another, after another. His screams could be heard throughout the town as he struggled with his bonds, more animal at this point than man. They beat her, they raped her, they cut her. And, just as Feyolas was able to snap the bonds on his wrists, they stabbed her.In his fury, he can remember little but blood, and a thirst for more. He didn't know how long it took him to kill them, nor would he ever remember, but her ran to her side and held her and wept. He held her and he wept, whispering things to her as the life slowly drained from her. There was nothing that he could do, nothing that he knew how to do.'I-- Feyolas, . . . I love you,' she sputtered with her last, already cold, breaths, 'Love . . . again, Feyolas. For me . . .'Thus was Feyolas Miridian Lanthalas lost to the world. He walked the earth as a dead man might, for he was dead now. And surley now, he was 'feyolas', as cold, as hard, as heartless. Feyolas wandered the earth in worse than pain, but he was stronger than his father had been. His father had not been able to bear the pain of living, and had killed himself. Feyolas bore the pain as a tribute to his love, the only gesture he could make that would be worthy of her; to live as a man already dead. Thus was Feyolas Miridian Lanthalas lost to the world. Yes, I know, its VERY long, but this picture is of a character that I made that I am very attatched to. I have a very strong passion in my hatred for sexual offenders of any kind, and when I made this character, it was a sort of way to feel both tribute for the loss worse than death that comes with rape, and a way in my own fantasy world, to take out some of the hatred I feel. I tried to capture more emotion in this portrait. Maybe I'll do a picture of his wife, Dialla soon. Anyway, any comments are always appreciated.

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