Estella R. Hoffman

Updated:10-12-04 My name is Estella, well...that's one of my names, the others are Stellaluna, Esther, Estoph-gufugis, twix, Luna, Lu, Queen Lu, and many many others that my sisters have dubbed me over the years. Welcome to my new gallery! I'm afraid theres not much to look at yet... but that shall be fixed, in due time. please comment on my pictures! Only, do not drool over them, Just give an honest critique; tell me why it's good, tell me why it's bad. I wanna know what you think, so if you have a problem with one of my pics, TELL ME!!!! :-D I wont get mad at you, I promise! (but I WILL delete it if theres no CONSTRUCTIVE ctritiscism but just a stupid rant) About eight months ago, it would not have occured to me to make a fanart gallery, i wasn't a fan of anything i felt i could draw! ...But that changed when i read...(well, you should know by now if you've seen the pictures!) Harry Potter! why oh why oh why???? now I'm completely obsessed, and completely UNREPENTANT about it! How in the world of harry potter did that happen? eee! J.K. is a wich, isn't she? She's set a spell on the books, that's it! she's set a spell so that whoever reads all the current ones immediately gets inspired to draw pictures of the charactors kissing each other!!!! Ah-HA! Rowling, I have found you out! ...not that I'm gonna do much about it... I'll just keep on obediently drawing things, just for you! MUAHAHAHAHA! *evil grin* ...that was quite an outburst, I guess I'll just tell ya the boring stuff now: Well My medium is first pencil, then I scan in and work on them on my tablet, it's an AIPTEK Hyper Pen DRAWING TABLET 12000U and it came with a program called PhotoImpact5 (but I'm still convinced photoshop would work better) ~~~Tidbits~~~ I am turning into Luna!!!I've got WEIRD sisters God is great C.S. Lewis would love the Harry Potter books!I might actually BE Luna! The Lord of the Rings ROCKS is cool HARRY POTTER ROCKS!George Bush is awesome!I love elfwood!!!!!!! P.S. pleeze visit me at SF&F, and wyverns!!! P.P.S. if you really want to know about me, visit my LJ


Ah, an age old love story... Oh, but I wish i could write it in prose! Then somehow it would seem more poetic than I could ever manage in this form...


This is my earliest poem, it's about one of the many things that people dream about... especially in elfwood! I'm sure I had to have help ryming..(since I was only 8 when i wrote this) but that's what dictionarys are for, right? Overall, i'm kinda surprised at how well it turned out.


'He' is somewhere that i cannot tell you yet, looking for someone that i cannot tell you who it is, and he is gradualy remembering what he has forgotten about what i won't tell you yet, for a reason that i cannot give..just yet. but later on it will involve technology...ooh HUGE spoiler there...comparing that to all those things that i wont tell you...yet.