Anya Dolgopolova

Hey everyone!I know that I'm young, but i really love to write, and its been said that I'm talented so here I am! Please please please be brutal when you comment, i absolutely adore constructive critisicm...well not really but be brutal anyway ;) If all you have to say is "That's nice." or "I don't like it" then i probably will ignore those comments but if you have something actually interesting to say then i promise i will try to take your advice. go read something! Pleeeaaaseee :)Love, Anna   I like I love elfwood and am probably on the computer about 50% of the day, but i also love to read and I am obsessed with vampire stuff (books, moies, shows, etc.) Favourite movies I absolutely adore the vampire series True Blood! It's currently in its second season and i swear i (almost) NEVER miss an episode. Favourite books One of my favorite book series is "The Twilight" series as i call it, its by Stephenie Meyer and it has three books, so far. And its about...VAMPIRES! I also love the Vampire Academy books, the Uglies series and the book The Host (also by Stephenie Meyer) Favourite music I love classic rock, queen, rolling stones, beatles, metallica, pink floyd, and the offspring (tho you've probably never hear of them).

Fynn - Chapter One

This is the action/adventure chapter one of a story about two very special teenagers (16-year-old Hallie Brimes and 17-year-old Fynn Budford) who are always on the run from organizations that want to use them to achieve what they think is right. I hope you enjoy it :)

Goyled - Chapter One

This is the first chapter of a story I've been kicking around that includes how i would imagine Gargoyles to be....if all goes well i'll put up chapter two alsoI hope you like it, and i REALLY hope you comment even if you don't :)