I'm 21 years old. I've always been drawing. I like movies,comics,positivity. I hate art stealers (this should be mentioned because if I se one more person taking pics from this gallery I'm going to expload. It has happened too many times. This is not free clip art and you may not take it). - I have a homesite ''. Lots and lots of art there (will be soon as I upload them). I also have a LotR fan art-site. And I'm trying to start my own webcomic very soon>'Ninjafied Piratism'. Go and see. 17/10/2004 Uploaded two pictures and took away quite many of the old pictures. I added a few, but I just wanted to let you people know I don't use this account actively anymore (one big reason being the rising art-theft amount. It has now happened too many times to me and the pics are always taken from this gallery >_>;;). I read all the comments and thank you so much for them, but if you want more art go see my homepage and my Deviantart gallery. ^__^