Luna Richards

Name:Luna Gender:Female Age:15 Fave Song:...Would you ask a racoon what their favorite tail band is? Fave Book:Any book written by the AWESOME Terry Pratchett Will you do Requests/Trades/Comissions?:No trades or request right now >.Incessent Rambleing:12/26/03- It has been an UNHOLY amount of time since i've updated. Oh well. two new pictures. More should come along soon. -- Luna Great Gallerys! Heather Schumacher Richard Raidel Jessica Peffer Mandie Valin Ashley Gaia Jennifer Miller Brett Mersaille Katherine Breechtel Great Webcomics! Mousekaroos RPGworld Megatokyo Faux Pas DMFA Mac Hall The Life of Riley Penny Arcade Player Versus Player Strings of Fate Fallen Timescapes CascadiaReturn To Sender Great Art Sites! Dragon Shadows Mab's Land Merekat Creations Golden Wolfen.comMetal and Magic Tourniquet