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 Werm looked up, and there stood an elf with long black hair that was shaved at the sides revealing an intricate tattoo. The new elf’s eyes were red, orange and yellow; he also had a tattoo over his right eye. He wore a leather tunic that was dyed a dark brown, under that was a black long sleeved linen shirt, and a pair of black deer skin gloves. He had two leather belts that crossed one another and held the scabbards for two short swords, another leather belt went up along his chest and over his left shoulder, attached to that was a scabbard for the two handed sword that was coming out of the dead drouvyen’s mouth. His legs were covered in black wolf skin breeches with black wolf skin boots; he also had three daggers, one strapped to his left thigh and the other strapped to his right calf and one at the small of his back. “You know, when dealing with Drouvyen,” He began casually. “You got to remember two things. One you need to be faster than they are, which I am, and two they only have one blind spot, right behind the head.” The elf said tapping a spot on the back of his neck at the base of his skull. He held out his hand to help Werm to his feet. “The name’s Crow,” he pointed to an elf that was cleaning off a pair of one handed swords, on the cloak of one of the fallen drouvyen. “That’s Nudin…” The elf had dark red hair that was tied back and his eyes were green, yellow and grey; he had smooth features like most elves, and what seemed like a smirk playing at the corners of his mouth. He wore a dark blue wolf skin brigandine that came up on his neck with a pair of rounded thick leather pauldrons, under that he had on a black long sleeved linen shirt; his fore arms were wrapped with leather straps that ended at the wrists and a pair of black gloves. He also wore two belts that crossed each other and held two scabbards, and his breeches were deer skin dyed black with black wolf skin boots. “That one over there with the bow, is Kari,” He was also an elf, he had long blond hair that was tied back and piercing blue, violet and white eyes, his skin was fair and his face had a hint of something Werm couldn’t place. He was dressed in a deep green tunic made from deer skin; he had only one brown leather belt that held a quiver of arrows at the small of his back and the scabbard for a short sword. His breeches were also made of black wolf skin, with black leather boots. Strapped to his right and left thighs were daggers and on his belt were several throwing knives. “And the girl kneeling by yer draier is my sister Raven…” Werm looked at him then at Raven. “Let’s just say our parents liked birds and leave it at that.”  Raven stood and walked toward Werm and Crow. She had short blue-black hair and cold eyes that were blue, white, black and a tattoo around her left eye. She wore a leather bodice dyed dark blue, with thick leather pauldrons, two leather straps crossed over her breasts holding two scabbards on her back a sword hilt protruding from each. Two belts crossed at her waist, one with a short sword and the other a flint lock pistol. She wore black wolf skin chaps over black deer hide breeches, her boots were made of black deer skin, and she had a dagger strapped to each of them. As she approached, she ran her hand through her short hair.------------------------------------------------------- Exert from 'Song of the Werm' Here they are all finished, I had a lot of fun with this piece, especially since three of them are based off of good friends of mine. I did the line art and the coloring while listening to Nightwish. I really love how this piece turned out ^_^ Now back to Art trades lol Left to right Crow, Nudin, Kari and Raven 

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