Sadie Lovett

Hello to all! My name is Sadie Lovett. I am a 18 year old student forever on vacation.(Meaning that I like to pretend I am not at school even when I am.) lol. Easily put...I am still a kid.  I am actually just one of those people that simply ride on the surface and take each day as it happens. People that know me would probobly say that I look about 12 and act about 13 lol. The way i look at is that I am nothing more than a fun loving person that isnt quite ready to give up my child like freedome. As for my artwork...I am Notorious for not finishing it. I like to leave many things as rough sketches. I dont do little doodles and then turn them into wonderful works of art. I like the skeletal look. The first one is always the best anyways so why try and make it better right?  I am a big fan of anything fictitious and mythiligical. Thats why I am here! I am not very good at doing the realistic things... my specialtys lie in the relms of imagination and fiction. I love to role-play and act. I take part in various D&D games and Vampire the masquerade chronicles. Finally, I know I cant spell so please forgive me okay? lol. Anyways...thats me! Look for me on myspace.