hi my name is Leonie van de Poppe and i am a 22 year old dutch girl. i am crazy of drawing characters with lots of colors or dark colors, depending on what my subject of drawing is of course :D in this section you can find some old and a few new chars of mine, I mainly use my to put on my latest art. only thing is, as a non user you cant comment. so i sometimes put art here to find out what people think of my art. i however hate it if people put weird comments under my drawings, so if you dont have anything usefull to say, i would suggest that you dont comment on it then. if you want to have critiqe, or have tips thats fine but please give me usefull comments :)ive cleaned out this gallery, with pretty old drawings. im sorry if one of your fave drawings of mine is gone, i probelby didnt like it.but the good news is that i intend on putting some new art her from time to time :Di further like to trade or do collabs with people, so if you want to do something like that, please leave a comment or email me :Dthat is all I like drawing, listening to music, chat at msn and reading Favourite movies bionic woman, heroes and POTC 1, 2 and 3 Favourite books Sfinx and Book of the Dead Favourite music Hard rock, metal, dance, trance, happy hardcore