Leonie de Poppe

hey my name is leonie van de Poppe and im a 22 year old dutch girl that sometimes loves to draw fanart, mainly of Guild wars recently. i sometimes put it on here, just to show you what im working on.i really like it if you would tell me what you think, if you have usefull tips or critiques i would listen, i however hate it when you put on stupid and offensive comments under my drawings, so if you dont like a piece of art of mine, then please dont say it. i can understand that not all people like Danny Phantom or Guild Wars but dont be offensive towards those who enjoy it :) and thanks to a sertain person i never will be posting Danny Phantom art here, i only will post some fanart every once in a while of Guild Wars or other game/cartoons but Im sorry that i have to do this.some body called me bad names for liking something and thats not fair. if this happends again, i will erase all my drawings here and go further at www.lvdpoppe.deviantart.com where only users can post. again im sorry ive got to do that then.