Lori White

So...you've found my dank little corner in Elfwood, how lovely!*evil grin*Ahem... yes... Well let me start out with a little bit about myself shall I? I'm 18 years old and am attending Sir Wilfred Grenfell college for a BFA in Theater Arts (acting). The Rock... as I like to call it is my home at the moment and a great inspiration for art. For the next few months I'll be working on the set of Life With Derek as the official stand in and as a random extra who fills in the scenes. *dances* Let's see... what else may you need to know. Weapon of choice: Pencil Skin I like: Mine Music: something that plays Play: Whatever I'm in at the time Nut of choice: Macadamien And I'm already bored with this. -_- I'll do requests and art trades just e-mail me if you want too! And if you really really want to be nice you can have me do a commision. *nods enthusiastically* Cheers!