Ria Bond thinks that writing in 3rd person is so freaky that she wants to write her whole bio in it. She is a 22 year old Hedge Witch, also an accountant-in-training-via-correspondence-course, has been homeschooled since she left kindergarten, has a brother, 2 parents, 2 humongous dogs, and her entire family works for a duo of cats--- one of whom is schizoid, and one of whom is a black hole masquerading as a comet. She would like to state here that she is not an Artist. She's simply a person who draws a little for fun. Anyhow, for Prospect Park and potato salad, here is her *yaaawn* gallery... zzzzzz... *falls asleep on her keyboardjgdfxkmgcf,hb v,hguogfjb Favourite music DAVID BOWIE!!!