Raven Thomas

Artist, writer, costumer, adventurer and lover of life, I welcome you to my corner of Elfwood. Where i'm from matters not, and where i'm going no one knows, but i'm here now and i"m pleased to meet you. I am a professional artist and soon to be professional writer.  I have not updated my elfwood art in many years, but will be working on updating it in the coming months.  To see my more recent work, check out my website at www.seraphsisters.com, and/or my deviantart site www.seraphsisters.deviantart.com.  Please do comment, I love to hear what people think, whether positive or negative.  Thanks so much, and enjoy your viewing! I like Everything! Favourite movies Dr. Who, Firefly Favourite books Artemis Fowl Favourite music Anything by Hans Zimmer