Lynda Lam

I am currently 22 years old, married, and love Japanese anime & manga! Surrounded by Disney since I was young, I used to enjoy drawing in their style. I even enrolled in an art college hoping to become a Disney animator, however I quickly discovered it was not for me, and my brief & unpleasant stay at the college left me hating anything to do with 'art'. This changed when my sister introduced me to a Japanese show titled 'Sailor Moon'. Hard as I tried to dislike this show (at the time I loathed any animation that was not Disney) it quickly grew on me, and more importantly it rekindled my desire to draw. It completely affected my art, and now anime-style is pretty much the only way I draw. (I do still love Disney; I just don't draw in that style ^_^) My goals are to keep improving my artwork and to touch others through my work. My dream is to make my own comics someday. *sigh*