Sarah Yacek

I'm your average, obsessive, 18-year-old fangirl who likes to draw, write, paint, read, etc. I work mostly in natural media and in an anime/manga style. I have recently started going to Chester College of New England, an art college in southern New Hampshire. I'm currently undecided as to whether to major in art, writing, or web design. 09/07/03 - I've started to draw again! ^____^ I supposed I'd have to now that I'm in art college. The cool thing is I'm drawing for fun again. Koukishin (my muse) finally came back from his rather long vacation. Expect to see much more from me soon Favorite Artists: * Mallory J. Dyer (my favorite art: Stabbed!, Parka, Dragon Slave! R.E. 'raedragon' Canepa (my favorite art: Rose - Dark Dragoon, Xellos...) * S. 'Silvestris' Strand (my favorite art: Let Sleeping Werewolves Lie, Fifth Element is Mystery, Faerie Light 2000) * long time favorite