HI!!!!!! My name is Lyndsey, I'm 14, and my b'day is the last day of the year. I despise writing bios, so I'll make as short as I can so I don't bore you so please no one laugh at me. I live in Wallasey, in England and go to Weatherhead High School. My best friend is Jessica Dennis, who draws AMAZING pics. Drawing is definitely my favourite hobby apart from ice-skating, reading, havin a laugh with my friends and so and so forth. Happy to recieve constuctive critisism and drawing tips would be nice. I like cats, griffins, furry dragons, wolves, things with wings, and pretty much anything thats cute. Well I can't think of anything else to say!!! Please visit my mates sites!!!! I will update my page as frequently as possible depending on how much homework I have. *grumble* Enjoy my gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Now that it's the summer holidays, I will hopefully be updating this site more often, and will finally be updating my fansite *finally* Please enjoy!!!!!!!!!*