Elaine MacDonald

Well, to start, my real name is Elaine, but please, *please* call me Keth? Right now, I'm a full time worker, but where as I work nights, I do have time, sometimes, to catch up on my drawings, or sometimes writings (yes, I do both). I've been drawing since as far back as I can remember, always something to do with fantasy, usually Unicorns. It *had* to be animals though, since Humans were something I could never get quite right. My parents have no clue where I got my ability since neither of them can draw very well *grins*. Update: April 4, '02 - Well, have a couple of new drawings. I'm studdying more of an Anime style of art, but adapting it to my own style as well. So far, I think it works, check out the Dragon and Druid Mage pictures and let me know?