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Eliel is an elf who has just had her heart broken by the love of her life. The red ribbon around her left hand is a sign of absolute love & is only given when proposing. Giving a red ribbon is never taken lightly as it is a sacred colour to the elven race. It can signify either life or death. Tying it to a proposal ring shows your love will run forever true. Eliel has just seen her fiance is with another woman. He doesn't know Eliel has found out though. She's high up in one of the oldest trees in the forest, trying desperately to keep control of her feelings. Being an Apprentice Runemaster (shown by the gold arm bracelet & the green stone) she's conjured a small spell to help her calm the mind but becuase of her intense feelings of sadness & anger she's created an incredibly destructive fireball, one not even known by the High Runemasters as yet.

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